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  1. Hey everyone just some questions from a newbie. I've been wanting to buy a Ke30/35/55 for awhile now and have researched for the past 3 months and this place provided me with great information. I don't have much mechanical experience..can change/fix a few things here and there. Would like to know what price I'm looking at for a ke30/35/55? Whether immaculate, no problems, rebuilt car everything fresh and don't need to put a single dollar in it for a while OR has a bit of rust problem, or need to fix a few minor things here & there. Is it cheap to maintain, reliable, easy to repair? I would like to repair it myself if problems arise. would it require a lot of expensive tools? What are the most common problems? I'm looking to spend 3-4k Please no bias comments:) would like help as I have no experience with old school corolla's(I own modern corolla lol) would like to learn as much as I can so possibly I can past this car on to my kids in the future :)
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