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  1. Thank you for the information guys. It does seem that my booster is ok based on the test you described. I guess at this point my only concern is that it seems that its leaking more fluid than before I replaced my MC. I am not loosing anything from the reservoirs it seems. I haven't had a chance to pull off the booster to look at it yet. Maybe there is fluid that has just built up before and its slowing draining..??
  2. JROD - I am in the exact same boat as you in regard to the weatherstipping. I need front and rear window. Did you have any luck finding it? My rear leaks bad when it rains or I wash my car. I did find this link but its a little pricey, Looking for other options. http://toyheadauto.com/Corolla_parts_list.html
  3. So I had my MC replaced because I kept loosing fluid and found a leak between the MC and brake booster. New MC now but I still found a leak at the bottom of the booster, also hear air escaping when I pumped the brakes when the car was off. After some online research I learned that when pressing on the pedal will change my idol and the fact that my car is running lean seems that I have a failed brake booster. I assume that the bad MC leaked into the booster and damaged it. Does this sound about right? I want to replace it myself. Seems fairly simple. I want to confirm that If I don't have to remove and brake lines from the MC when replacing the booster then I won't have to bleed the lines. If I do have to bleed them, would I just to a regular bleed at each of my wheels? Since I am replacing it, is there any upgrade for any reason for booster? Car is stock with no engine improvements at this time.
  4. So I am in the process of letting some jb weld dry on the fuel connector. I also did confirm the fuel pump is in the tank. Will fill her up later today and hope for the best. Thanks again and will post results!
  5. Thank you for the responses I like the idea of the fuel rated eopoxy, assuming it ends up being just the connector, finding that bracket is becoming a little difficult and seems like it will not be cheap either. I beleive the stains on the top of the tank are water staings from a leak I I have in my rear weatherstipping. (Another part I am trying to find which is difficult) In the mean time and left my rear seat un bolted so I can view the tank easily and frequently over the next week or so to isolate the issue. They fuel pump was recently replaced so that is why it looks like recently messed with. Good eye!
  6. This is my first post, so, Hello! I purchased a 75 TE31/2TC. It is in pretty good shape but still need some TLC. Our goal is to build her up a bit, but for now its our daily driver until I finish school. Here is my post: So I have had this strong smell of fuel in my cab especially after filling up. I inspected my tank and I saw a little seepage from the fuel pump electrical connector on the bracket. See photo. Its not much but it is there. I have two questions 1. It seems that the whole bracket would need to be replaced to replace that connector. Anyone have experience with this, is this true. (My tank was full so I did not remove it to see that back side yet) 2. Could this little gas cause this much odor?
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