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  1. Anyone have a 22 spline slip yoke for a 83 corolla T50 transmission ? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hey guys where can i get a new complete two piece driveshaft for my 83 corolla wagon ? And for some reason when I post on here and one of you guys gives me the info. I caint figure out how to answer . It says to login but it doesn't work... So if possible email me . Thanks . [email protected]
  3. I'm having a time trying to figure this site out ... I had posted a queston on the driveshaft vibration and Banjo replied by I caint find it now ...
  4. Yes I had a new one made ... Shaft checks out perfect.. How do i check the angles ?
  5. Yes I had a new one made ... Shaft checks out perfect..
  6. Hey guys " I raised the rear of my 83 corolla wagon by adding an extra leaf to the spring pack. Also replaced the old two piece driveshaft with a single , I now has a driveline Viberation from 20mph on up ... Any info and how to ?
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