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  1. Hey guys so i got my KE70 on the road now and have discovered a few faults 1. The parkers/dash lights fuse keeps blowing so i need to find the short in that part of the wiring. Are there any common faults to short for this part or anythings i should look for in particular? 2. I tried putting a 20amp fuse in a 15amp fuse slot (yes I'm a dickhead, i now know that) and fried some of the wiring in the rear loom section, ive attempted to redo this however have done the fuel gauge section wrong. Has anyone got detailed photos or a wiring diagram on how the connector block to the fuel sender (under that plastic black cover) connects to the rest of the loom? ie. what colours go where and if any are spliced under the coatings? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The car is a 1981 4 speed 4k. Cheers guys
  2. Hey guys, Reasonably new to the forum and am working on my KE70. i have read posts and threads referring to exhausts but not many of them are that related to my situation. So a previous owner of the car has just cut off the rear muffler where the piping goes over the diff, comes back down and has been cut here just using like a grinder. If I'm do spend the money getting a new muffler what should i go? It actually sounds really good without the rear muffler but don't know if i should go a straight through muffler or a cannon or some other type of muffler. Can someone shed some light for me please? Cheers guys, Tom
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