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  1. Hey everyone! Thanks for the add! So I got myself this 1977 KE30 Corolla running a 3K-C 4 speed manual! Haha pretty simple Engine! Well I got it cheap for $360 Canadian, does have rust on the rockers and drivers floor is rotted out with a huge hole hahaha but its street legal paper work was redone. Lucky we don't have smog testing in my town yet the province anymore! Obviously I wont be fully restoring it to its former glory, but instead My buddy and I are going to add new sheet metal to the floor, remove whatever rust we can and paint coat it with bed liner anti rust stuff. It's going to he a rally styled winter car with fatty tires light bar a 2000lbs atv winch mudflaps etc. I am a fellow SW20 MR2 owner myself and I run a JDM car group called Sunshine Coast Japan Exotics. Whats the best way to to get a little more juice out of this 3K-C? Advance the timing? straight pipe? My buddy has a 1.5 3A engine out of a Tercel thats turbo charged, would that fit the 4speed transmission if I swap it? Whats your ideas?