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  1. Want to buy car seat covers / material similar to photo. Striped cloth material. Other options considered... PN prefix is 71071S front, 71075B rear. I'm in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks all!
  2. Hi Looking for a 4 door KE30 or KE55. Anything considered but not too rusty! Thanks!
  3. Toyota Corolla Door cards. Black, only 1 small tear that Ive tried to highlight. Great condition for interior change etc Pick up from Hallam VIC.
  4. Hi guys - also have: 3k Long block $60 4spd box $50 std intake manifold and carb $30 Rear axle and suspension $50 Torque tube $20 Spare tyres $10 ea Get in quick as will otherwise be giving it away to some mates...
  5. Sorry no, just threw away the rusty bonnet as no-one wanted it...!
  6. Anyone have any direct comparison of the 28/36 carb vs a single Weber/Dellorto/Solexmikuni?
  7. A week or two back there was a white KE35 Rally car at Redwood Blvd (Dingley) , plastics business or similar. Company sponsored rally car? Looks like its pretty well set up,roll cage etc.
  8. Door pulls are matching in shape, but not colour... one is tan, the other maroon. Good if you want to paint ? Tool kit I want to keep...
  9. Hans Compter in NZ has spare parts for these (google him if need be). Costs are fairly high though...
  10. There was one recently on Ebay in Melbourne. Looked straight and original and cheap (IMHO) at $1500 starting price.. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Isuzu-Bellett/302351254328?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  11. Hi All, Restoring a KE25, need the following parts if anyone can help out in the Melbourne region: K50 5 speed gearbox clutch cable, clutch housing 3K intake for single or twin webers exhaust manifold/ extractors 3K hot road camshaft indicator stalk Appreciate the help if you have anything!
  12. I have a couple as well - unsure if they are 4k or 3k... in Melbourne South east if you are still looking!
  13. Will check pricing on postage and get back to you!
  14. Yes why not. I'm around in the morning. Give me a call on 0422897670, Cheers!
  15. Hi, Just bought a KE25 project and got a few extra bits that I have for sale: ENGINE 3K engine cylinder heads – 1 available. , $50 ea 3x Flywheels, tappets, pushrods etc Stromberg carburettor $20 Aisan carburettor in bits $5 Distributor cap with leads Alternators $20 ea Starter motor $20 Water pump $15 INTERIOR Rear Door card pocket inserts, left and right. Dark brown colour $20 Handbrake $20 Interior Gearbox surround (trim between seats) $30 Sun-visor - $5 Window winders - $5 ea After market Steering wheel boss $10 EXTERIOR KE20 rear stop lamps with surrounds $40 pair Flower petal style hub caps, good condition - $sold Bonnet scoops - $20 pair Headlights - $10 each (1 only) KE20 grill - $20 WILL SWAP FOR/ LOOKING FOR: I need a KE20 indicator stalk, under dash tray, air-con unit, boot lock barrel, door key barrel, 2TG head, clutch for 3k, exhaust for 3k, cable for clutch,long duration 3k camshaft, K50 gearbox Location is in Hallam 3803 VIC, will send anywhere you would like to pay postage for. Cheers, Matt
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