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  1. Hey guys, New to the forum so just a lil info about me; have a 1983 KE70 wagon, standard 4k with a 5spd k50 box. Diffs been welded since before I got the car and whilst the welds have lasted well over a year, they recently decided to break on me! Now I'm in the market for a new diff centre. Now I'm not going to lie I don't know a lot about ke70s, and I'm really not sure what diff I have or what diff will fit. I just want another centre that will slot straight in. From opening up the back cover I saw some markings that said 4.11 on the diff so I'm assuming that's the ratio. One of my mates said he thinks Toyota Corona centres should slot straight in? I can find a corona centre very easily, struggling a little with a KE centre. So whats the deal, anyone know what diff centre I need, what will work, or if a Corona centre will slot in? Cheers fellas, shahanshah
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