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  1. Deathwish

    Lower Thermostat Housing

    Anyone know where i can get one for my 1976 ke30 3k? Just broke the lower section of the thermostat housing
  2. Deathwish

    Urgent - Need Lower Thermostat Housing Suit 4K

    I should have been more specific sorry. I need the bottom section that bolts to the engine. Can not find anywhere and what i can find is all discontinued.
  3. Deathwish

    Urgent - Need Lower Thermostat Housing Suit 4K

    Hey mate I'm after one for my 3k. I tried posting add but wouldnt let me. Know where id find one? Cheers
  4. Deathwish

    New to forum please help

    thanks mate appreciate it
  5. Gday fellas, I'm new to this forum and need help. From what ive seen so far there is alot of good info and good people on here. Basicly just wanting a quick run down on where to post questions and where to find answers to questions other people have asked before. I got my self a 1976 ke30 4 door yesterday and have big plans. Thanks guys