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  1. hi ive just brought a auto ae71 corolla long story short I'm going to be instaling 4age ive just brought a aw11 mr2 fwd(east,west) 4age 16v 7 rib motor and will be puting this into it after its been rebuilt my question is what are the best cams, pistons, head work ect ect, for a basic build i want it to be reliable and go pretty hard if anyone has a link i could use that would be awsome thankyou also i am hopfuley using the aw11 mr2 wiring loom .. can't find anything on this can i use it or would it be easier to get an ae86 one or what ? I'm not asking for paragraphs of shit to answer my questions a few links with the info would do aswell cheers and sorry for being a noob