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  1. jakeyboyke30

    WTB ke30 parts

    G’day everybody I’m chasing a few bits for my ke30 I need a cream passenger sun visor, and a front cowling would prefer one with the spoiler. I’m located in Tasmania Australia. Thanks in advance
  2. jakeyboyke30

    Ke30 strut and hub conversion

    Will be doing a engine swap down the road but right now it's more for rim choice also am looking and putting weld on coilovers on the front and stiffening up the rear
  3. jakeyboyke30

    Centre console into ke30

    Thanks bud
  4. jakeyboyke30

    Centre console into ke30

    What centre consoles will fit into my ke30?
  5. G'day I've just bought a ke30 and am look for a suspension up grade and want to go to 5 stud. fab work isn't to much of and issue but budget is, what options do I have? Cheers