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  1. The fenders are grafted in steel from am old Mitsubishi Starion. The bumpers do suck. I'm looking for replacements.
  2. The tranny is in and I've found tires! 215/50/13 And 205/55/13
  3. So....This configuration would be common over there? It's most unusual here. I'm beginning to think it was imported from the Japanese market. I'm going to place it on Ebay and see if I can make some of my money back. This is my RWD Starlet
  4. Thanks. I found four trashed T50s and they all had the clutch fork on the passenger side (right) like mine. Different side of the car here? The nice transmission that I'm using parts from is the only one I found with the fork on the left. Drivers side in America. I should've clarified that I'm in Florida U.S.A.
  5. I recently began rebuilding the T50 transmission (AE86 Corolla) in my 1981 Starlet. It has a left hand starter motor and a right hand throw out arm. Normal. My donor transmission is also a T50 and is identical except that it has a bellhousing also with the starter on the left.....But with the throw out ALSO on the left. Just below the starter. My engine is a 4AGE. Was the donor car a 3A or 4A. (I never saw the car that this tranny came from) Is this "left handed" bellhousing unusual or sought after?
  6. Hello. I just joined this morning. I have a 1981 KP61 Starlet with a 4AGE and T50 5 speed. The car has an all steel wide body conversion (custom) Period American Racing magnesium 13" wheels with wide tires that I'm finding difficult to replace and custom paint. The car is running, but the transmission is out while I find all the parts I need. The car also needs a TON of work since the old owner yanked apart the KP61 wiring and never figured how to correctly run the AE86 wiring. This is my third Starlet. But my first in 19 years.
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