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    1UZFE in KE30

    Hi guys i am about to commence doing an engine swap into a KE30 corolla. The 1UZFE non vvti. i am trying to create a list of the hardware required to carry this out and so far i have a feeling i am missing some things. i am wanting to do an entire suspension upgrade to coilovers and changing the rear drum brakes to disc brakes. so far i know i will require the following: engine (busy trying to source a suitable candidate) gearbox (planning on installing the 21R gearbox with the adaptor plate management clutch kit for the 21R gearbox M75 LSD diff (bit hard to source where i am) strut brace for stability i assume i will need a different steering rack in order to work as well as the correct driveshaft, i have no clue what steering rack or driveshaft to utilise. the struts i will need to change accordingly as well because i would prefer to buy a suitable set of coilovers as opposed to mixing and matching this. any input in this will be welcomed oh, i am based in South Africa so parts needs to be available here if possible. thanks