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  1. Wheel trims Centre caps for 14 inch AE92 Corolla SX alloys. I need two to complete my build. Email [email protected]
  2. I have a spare SX Corolla with a good motor and a shagged body. I have a plan. Buy a 92 Corolla CSX or Ultima with good body and interior AC, PS, other luxuries etc. but with a shagged engine from a dealership's trade-in stock. My question is this. How much would I expect to pay for a 92 Corolla in this sort of condition and how many hours required for swapping a shagged 4AFE out and fitting a good 4AGE in. Donor engine is from 1991 AE92 SX Corolla. I'm hoping I can disconnect, swap the Y frames and reconnect. What could possibly go wronh???
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