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  1. KE30 Bugga

    KE30 - 3RZ

    Cheers Bruce. I'm liking what I'm seeing here, this will save a shed load of time!
  2. Hi Jordanrolla, Have you done a mount kit for a KE30 - 3RZ + 5Spd? Any info or tips would be appreciated. Regards Pete
  3. KE30 Bugga

    KE30 - 3RZ

    Thank you gents. Bruce, I'll get in contact with Jordan and see if he has done the 3RZ mounts before. Jono.C, I will need to keep an eye on the bonnet, not too fussed if its only a small lump needed.
  4. KE30 Bugga

    KE30 - 3RZ

    Don’t want a turbo in this little chicky, just naturally aspirated
  5. KE30 Bugga

    Toyota KE30 engine upgrade

    Hi Nasir, how did you go with the engine swap? I'm just about to start mine doing a 3RZ + 5Spd and looking for all the help I can get.
  6. KE30 Bugga

    KE30 - 3RZ

    Hi All, A couple of questions, has anyone put a 3RZ + 5Spd ex HI-Lux into a KE30? and I don't suppose anyone knows where I could get a mount kit for to suit? Appreciate any help here.