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    What to do?

    Thanks for your responses and info guys, all great suggestions there. The saving has begun so will start looking for an already converted car when the time is right, hopefully not too far away! Thanks again all, much appreciated. Cheers Simon
  2. Pullstater

    What to do?

    You will have a PM shortly
  3. Pullstater

    What to do?

    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I guess the main issue with me doing it myself is I don't have much equipment, I got rid of most of the heavy equipment years back when I gave up on fiddling with Escorts (no pun intended ). My skill level with the mechanical side of things I guess I'd classify as intermediate but wiring is definitely a mystery to me. You're suggestion of buying a car with the conversion already done is an excellent one and I will definitely look into that. I'm still tossing up whether to stick with 1600 engines as it will be more competitive in hill climbs that way. There are some absolute monster builds (huge $$) in the 2000 class. Looks like all I have to do now is save some dollars and wait for the right car. Thanks again for your help, greatly appreciated. Cheers Simon
  4. Pullstater

    What to do?

    Hey guys, New member and new to Toyotas. My background is old Ford Escorts and modern VWs and Skodas but want to try something different so looking at getting a KE70 . I'm keen to do a conversion but unsure which way to go, 4age 20V or 3sge beams? From what I've read on your immensely helpful threads the 20V seems like an easier conversion? That extra power from the beams would be nice though. Is the extra power from the beams worth the extra effort or would some cams and head work on a 20V be not far off the beams? Thinking of doing hillclimbs so running in the 1600 class as opposed to the 2000 class would also be advantageous. Also, does anyone on the forum do or know of someone who does conversions? Located in Canberra but working with someone in Sydney is no problem. I simply don't have the equipment (probably not the skill either) to do the conversion myself. Look forward to hearing from you all, thanks guys. Cheers Simon