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  1. Need this last piece for my conversion, I'm in Sydney will pay for shipping if needed. Thanks.
  2. Hey, I'm fairly new to the forum picked a KE70 with a 4k a few months ago for a second car have a little fun with you know the gist. Recently its blown head gasket and turned my oil into milky sludge. It's a low K motor on the odometer (but you never know). But i'd like to rebuild it and have her sound a little better its an all original car drives nice with minimal rust, like to give her a fresh motor. Perhaps with an aggressive Cam and head work. Anybody know any engine builders they can suggest for this motor. My plans for the car are to keep it original I don't want to engine swap or be a target for defects, its just a little cruiser to occasionally drive me to work every now and again.
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