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  1. with that money i could buy a well kept running ae86 and a already built ke35 4age corolla haha. ok then i am not going to make this financial mistake even if its cool
  2. Hi guys can someone make a list of things i need for swapping a 4age 16v. I know i need a engine the t50 transmision what about diffs and if i use a ta22 diff how am i going to replace the suspension parts? coilovers ? shocks ? what else do i need ??? (i still don't have the car but i am doing research so this can't turn into a money pit) edit: do i need to shorten the driveshaft ?
  3. I have cousins of my cousins in australia but i doubt they would do anything for me. Meh rear drum brakes for me then
  4. Hi guys i am new here and i just wanted to do my "homework" i still don't have a car yet but i might get a ke30 next summer what things should one get to make a 4age swap (probably posted before but i will go topic hunting after this) where can i find driveshaft shortening workshops? How can i convert rear drum brakes into disc ? Going for rally-ish street-ish build... VERY THANKS ps:4age engine is the most available to me Greece is my only source of parts
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