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  1. is anyone interested, price dropped to 500 buks
  2. i got 55 carpet, it should be the same, its in brown
  3. not selling those wheels unless i get a good deal. and its manuel, i think it use to be automatic, because it has a sticker on it saying automatic specialist ( no not automotive)
  4. yehh it was on ebay not ling ago. i piked up a ke70 5sp, early model for 100 buks thats y I'm selling this thing. neways its still for sale so contact me if anyone is interested alex - 0421602489 cheers...
  5. hey guys just took these photos today if anyone is interested in taking a look just msg me and ill get back 2 u alex - 0421 602 489
  6. i got a79 ke55, with 21r conversion I'm interested in selling, got celica suspension, brakes, 2L motor, goes hard, but I'm in sydney looking for 800
  7. at least i don't spend 500 dollars on overalls so i can wear them to shoping centres, EMO....tional
  8. thanks for that champ..
  9. hey guys, just bought a ke55 with a 21R motor in it, don't know mutch about it, all i know it is a 2L and apparently they don't have these motors in australia, other than the 20R and 22R, bought the car for 500 dollars, its got celica struts and brakes. just wanna know if anyone has any info on the 21R motor, GOOD or BAD ? :'(
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