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  1. I have just ordered this... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-Headlight-Relay-Wiring-Harness-H4-Headlamp-Light-Bulb-Ceramic-Socket-Plugs-Set/112182011535?epid=3029003458&hash=item1a1e91a68f:g:ShwAAOSwB09YEEcJ I think this will enable me to run Halogen Bulbs having read a fairly comprehensive thread on here.
  2. So my KE70 will need to go in for MOT to get its documents. Having read around it seems like the lights are awful - some bulb need replacing. I tried to find more information - ideally I'd love to go to LED (even angel eyes) but I don't know if that's possible so maybe at least halogen, having done some searches on here I am confused as to .... A) where/what bulbs to buy for the rears lights and indicators B) What are my options for front light replacements/bulbs
  3. Steam cleaner ordered from Amazon - if not I will try ammonia Thanks
  4. Hi All As a proud new KE70 owner I have some work to do ready for an MOT (Fresh Import) - It came from Thailiand and has some yellow film on the front window which is an MOT failure in the UK, any suggestions for removing it it sems to peel of - in small pieces
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