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  1. Hi, I hope everyone is doing great. I am in the Philippines. I am building a KE30 with SR20DET. I am running into some snag. I need help on rear axle subframe assembly. Since I am putting a SR engine, I am doubtful that my rear assembly on my KE30 will be able to handle the new engine. Any suggestions which rear subframe can I use? I thought about the Cressida's rear but I'm not sure if this will work. I know that someone had already done the SR20DET engine swap. Please provide guidance. Thank you so much! V/r, Ryan
  2. Thank you so much for the info. The good thing is that I am in the Philippines so the labor is much cheaper compared to the US! I will be spending about $4000 for the whole restoration of my KE30. I will be posting the pictures once my project is complete. Ty!
  3. Ty for letting me join. I just bought a 1978 KE30 Corolla. My plan is to change the engine to SR20DET. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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