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  1. just smelt like burning engine oil to me, had some on my hands and didn’t have a distinct smell
  2. Just another thing, is there a set size seal for all 4K engines? Or can it vary depending on year?
  3. Clutch seems to be working nicely. I don’t think it is the gearbox seal although there is oil in that area, seems to be oil all around the bell housing. And leaking quite considerably when the engines warm. Hey only started after the car mainly does short trips then I took it for a drive for 2hours+ Which made me think it was the rear main seal. I don’t think any of it (seal, clutch etc) has ever been replaced so would it be worth biting the bullet and replacing the clutch while it’s all disassembled?
  4. My rear main seal went in my ke35 coupe for the first time since ive owned it, plan on replacing it asap as of course my daily has died as well just wondering what it would be worth replacing at the same time to avoid future maintainance? Clutch etc? Cheers in advance
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