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  1. So after a lot of reading and searching i could manage to make a small plan for the 4 A-GZE conversion i am interested of doing. As i already told i am really a newbie so all this things are new for me. I did this drawing to understand how things are placed in a car i hope i made them right and if not ill gonna need some more help or some details .Now i got some questions for the diff, fuel system and etc i written them on the box with 7 questions, also my English not the best i come from Greece and Greek forums 😕 s..ck learning everything in English was a challenge huh I might not gonna need the hillux i got already some coil overs at front plus wheels carver
  2. Yo, Dude thank you very much that's good helpful tips to start, I'm doing my research for long time and getting my lists filled with things that i need to do it , its few yet but I'm getting there soooooon! and then starting the lil steps that you mentioned with a lot of patience and a clear list and a clear mind
  3. Hello everyone nice finding this rolla family , Newbie here with a ke 35 that loves to drift but, needs some more power then the stock 4k engine that's hidden under the hood, the previous owner had a 4age in there. so i want to make this lil machine in to a street car so i dnt want to make more then 200 hp, i made some search and sow that 4a engines is a very nice conversion for the ke35, i though at start at getting a red 16v but i said to my self if I'm gonna do it i have to do it good so i think the agze is the best for me ,and if some day wanna trubo its easier as i told you at the start I am newbie at conversions and things but really willing on learning and spending alot of hours on my car, with some help from around, so what things ill need to do on my car to fit and work ?
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