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  1. I have wired up the new relay circuit and unfortunately it hasnt helped the issue at all. Its acting exactly the same which was a big dissapointment haha. Any other ideas on what it could be if not this? ive wracked my brain and I'm stumped cheers Leon
  2. Yeah I think you're right mate, from the looks of my engine bay I agree it's some dodgy old wiring playing up. The ground from battery is a smidge dodgy but should be fine, I'll fix it up just in case, but I'm a little confused about wiring in a separate relay to be honest. If you could draw my up the diagram that would be super helpful. Cheers mate -leon
  3. Hi there, first time posting here. I had an issue with my 1979 Corona rt132 the other week where I couldnt start it when i put the key in- there was just a loud click noise when i turned the key to the ignition position and then nothing. I replaced the starter and that worked for a while but now the car only cranks every 15 or so times i turn the key, every other time just makes the same click noise when i turn it to the final position. I have no idea whats going on but i suspect its a voltage issue or a connection issue but truly i have no idea. Any suggestions of other components to check? I was thinking the ignition relay might be a cultprit but after reading up about it, the symptoms seems to not be the same so not so sure anymore. Any help would be appreciated I'm racking my brain and I'm stumped cheers -Leon
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