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  1. Plugged the wire to 12V and it worked great, thank you so much for the information Bellow, there is a link to the video of the tach working if anyone cares. https://streamable.com/2xdc9i
  2. Thank you, I wanted to try giving 7V to the power wire before trying the 12V and see if it works, but since you a found a wiring diagram I think ill feed it 12V right away
  3. Hello, first of all i need to apologize for this post since its kinda dumb because my dumbass forgot to take photos. So, i was taking apart my ke25 dash so i replace the odometer with the one from my ke20, the annual inspection is coming up and i want to permanently have the ke25 tach in my ke20, the issue I'm having is the position of the cables of the tach, since i forgot them, i took a look at the ta22 dashes that i have, but all of them seem to be different. If anyone could tell me the position of the cables i would be really grateful . For better understanding I attached some photos. Thank you
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