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  1. Hi All, Previously i made a post regarding some fuel pump decisions i had to make, i opted for the mechanical pump for reliability and ease of installation, pump went in a treat and there was a noticeable improvement on the first start however now the car is struggling to idle. Not idling at all would be a better way of putting it. this was my first time playing with fuel systems so has anyone got a tip or suggestion as to why this may be happening and how i would go about achieving a solid idle again. I am going to play around with the timing this weekend also as it may be up to that but i figured it wouldnt hurt to gather some other opinions. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the tip mate, I figured as much but had everything possible crossed hoping someone might prove me wrong. where are you based I do end up on the mainland a little
  3. Hey all, thanks for the help with my fuel pump issues, as is with project cars it’s on to the next issue. I had a mishap with my bonnet spitting a pin a little while ago and due to a disgusting fibreglass scoop I was blessed with the spectacle of my bonnet shattering all over my windscreen. I had a flatfront bonnet all but bought from a bloke in my state (Tasmania) and he morphed into a ghost when I was ready to come pick it up. I’ve now got the dilemma of trying to find a bonnet on an island disconnected from the rest of the country (how good). i haven’t had a slant front before nor have I done much perving on them yet I’ve found one wrecking with a bonnet close enough to good condition for me to fix up and slap on, I am wondering though if they are the same dimensions as I’ve heard they’re different. Any help from you guys would be much appreciated as the bonnet at this point is literally all I need for this car to be complete in a roadworthy respect. cheers
  4. Hey mate I’ll be sure to give this a go when I get to actually access the car (which with all this corona virus action doesn’t look like the near future) it’s certainly getting fuel to the engine as I can drive for say 10 minutes but then I’m stuck trying to get fuel going again, rinse and repeat and I finally make it home. Would you mind chucking up a link or something to the electric fuel pump for some research to cure my boredom and help me make the right call. The plan is to go electric really and has been from the start so I might as well have a look in the meantime. Cheers heaps for your help
  5. Hey Banjo, I was thinking about going electric purely for the purpose of modernising the thing up a bit and to me this sounds like it might be my problem, I’ve checked all the diaphragms in the pump and they are sound. Any advice on what electric pump you went with, I haven’t toyed around with fuel systems all that much but it’s definitely the problem here. cheers
  6. Gday all, I’ve got the classic fuel pump problems with my re built 4K-C, was wondering if anyone’s got opinions on the replacement fuel pumps available before I jump into a Supercheap auto Goss Fuel pump. Anything better about and how good are these Goss pumps as opposed to the PAT pumps they offer? any help is much appreciated cheers.
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