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  1. i have already bought the motor and transmission from a mx5 91 mdl it's going in. the info i am looking for is. has someone done this before. what can i do before hand to make my life easier while doint this. no reason to reinvent the wheel. do i need the fabricate the transmission tunnel or the firewall ? ( this is essentially my first "small car" build. i originate from iceland. and have built a couple of "superjeeps" ) - so i aim to do everything myself. i got the motor + gearbox, +ecu + radiator + driveshaft ( for about 350-euro. ) to start with my plan is to get it up and running. and keep it stock. the stock internals of the B6ZE seem to be able to handle 250 bhp if you add a turbo kit to it. ( that is what i am aiming for, so simple and nice )
  2. Has anyone put a B6ZE ( Mazda MX5 NA ) drivetrain in a KE70 2 doors 1980 mdl. if you know can you please share the info. i don't seem to be able to find anything.
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