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  1. Thanks for the help men ! I will take the car to the auto eletrecian next week, I don’t know to much about that ...
  2. I already changed the alternator and measured the battery with the car working and it’s measured between 13.70v and 14v bit the battery light is still on. Is it the battery that broke down ?
  3. I did it last night, when I did the alternator test I had left the battery charging all night and the voltage was still with this voltage 12.65V with the engine running. Today after work I will take out the alternator and take him to the auto electrician, to remove just need to unscrew to bolts one on top and one in bottom right ? And for belt they come out easy ??
  4. Hi guys, last week i was going to work and the car turned on the battery light, when I stopped I tried to start it again but I ran out of battery ... I changed the ic regulator but it's still the same, the battery has 12.40V and when it is working is between 12V 12.70V The problem is the alternator isn't it?
  5. Hi guys! I was going to change the oil on my toyota ke70 but I damaged the nut, and now I need to remove the oil pan to be able to remove the nut, I already unscrewed the oil pan nuts but now it is hitting a place and I can't remove it Someone can help me?
  6. Hi guys can anyone tell me what cables are this ? i want to install new radio, already discovered the constant power cable, and speakers cables
  7. Okay, i need to keep pressing the button or just turn on the ignition to look for the 12v green cables?? Thanks for the help!
  8. And i know the horn is placed in left side
  9. Hey, this car is from phase 2 but last owner converted to phase 1 so i can use quadlights... but the problems is, i don't have the horn placed in and i can´t find the wire. i already see this diagram in rollaclub but i can understand ... Is the wire next to the front turn signals ?
  10. Hi guys, I have a 86 corolla ke70 wagon and I don’t have horn since I buy the car. Can anyone say me where is the cable to connect the horn ? The wiring comes from the turn signals ?
  11. Hi I’m from Portugal Thanks for the help, I will try to fix this 👌👌
  12. Hi guys I bought this wagon a short time ago, it was originally a phase 2 but the previous owner applied the front of phase 1 and now I have to make the connections for the turn signals and CLEARANCE. Can anyone explain which are the correct wires? Ps I understand very little mechanics / electronics
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