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  1. Okay, i need to keep pressing the button or just turn on the ignition to look for the 12v green cables?? Thanks for the help!
  2. And i know the horn is placed in left side
  3. Hey, this car is from phase 2 but last owner converted to phase 1 so i can use quadlights... but the problems is, i don't have the horn placed in and i can´t find the wire. i already see this diagram in rollaclub but i can understand ... Is the wire next to the front turn signals ?
  4. Hi guys, I have a 86 corolla ke70 wagon and I don’t have horn since I buy the car. Can anyone say me where is the cable to connect the horn ? The wiring comes from the turn signals ?
  5. Hi I’m from Portugal Thanks for the help, I will try to fix this 👌👌
  6. Hi guys I bought this wagon a short time ago, it was originally a phase 2 but the previous owner applied the front of phase 1 and now I have to make the connections for the turn signals and CLEARANCE. Can anyone explain which are the correct wires? Ps I understand very little mechanics / electronics
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