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  1. Thanks parrot, likely I have the bonnet trimm in the boot, it was one of the first things I looked for
  2. Thanks for welcome guys So this was a absolutely bargain of a buy and is mostly complete all the outside trims are their and in tack just a few cracked side lenses. Has a few easy rust repairs. It is really the interior that is missing has front seats only. Have found new carpet and new headliner but struggling to find rear seats The bonnet is probably going to be the biggest struggle I don't think their is enough integrity in the front lip of the bonnet to repair. Will upload some pics when I fiqure out how 🤣
  3. Hi rollaclub people, I jave just purchased a 1974 ke25 delux coupe, Just wanted to know where you all source your parts Need some interior parts and body panels. I am located in Queensland but don't mind postage on items Keen to hear your input Thanks
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