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  1. Ahh okay. I was wondering where that was at as well. I couldn't manage to get it off of the pedal box when removing it so I had to remove the dash cluster to get it and the pedal box out. Thanks!
  2. What is the round thing connected to the top of the pedal box called and what is it for? It made getting the pedals out a real pain and I really have no idea what it is.
  3. Yes, it would be road going, and so far I don't think I'd have any issues cut'n shutting the tunnel and firewall. Here in the US (North Dakota) from what I've found there isn't much in the way of restrictions for engine conversions on these. I'll do some more research, but I don't plan on this being a screamer - would like to some day daily it, but have some extra power over the stock 3k to have a little extra fun on some weekends. The Gen 2 that came stock RWD in a car platform was the Pontiac Solstice and it's twin the Saturn Sky. There are also 2 wheel RWD Chevy Colorado pickups that apparently work with the Gen 2, if you get the Solstice/Sky bellhousing. I've also seen some people here in the states swap the Gen 2 into older Chevy S10's presumably with the stock S10 tranny, though I'm not sure the details on those. I was trying to get some dimensions to compare these ecotecs to something like a 4age or 3sgte, so I'll see what I can come up with. I have toyed around with the idea of swapping a Miata engine and trans into it. I have seen a youtube video of someone doing a 2.0L ecotec swap into a El Camino (though that's a much larger working platform that didn't need as many fabrication mods)... Anyways, this is a great list of things you gave me to look into. I thought this would be something interesting to build, as there are an abundance of ecotecs here in the states, and I daily an ecotec Chevy Cobalt already.
  4. Hey everyone. I recently acquired a KE20 Corolla that's been sitting for some time. It's going to be a long project; however, I will want to engine swap it. I would love to do a 4A-GE swap, but in the US, these seem to be relatively hard to source. I do however, know of an inline 4 that I have been pondering. GM's GenII and Gen III ecotec engines are in abundance because they seem to throw them in everything that they can. Cobalts, HHRs, Saabs, Colorados, etc etc. The problem (or so I thought) was a RWD transmission. I recently found that RWD is actually possible relatively easily as the Gen II Ecotec has the same bellhousing pattern as some rwd colorados, solstice, sky transmissions (AR-5). AND the Gen III LTG engine was developed as a crate engine that was in the Cadillac ATS, ALSO with RWD. So my search for an attainable 4 cylinder, RWD, manual that I could potentially swap into the KE20 has grown. I've seen that some have done a 6 cylinder Ecotec swap in this forum, so I'm sure someone out here might have some semblance of an idea of what it would take to pull this off. This will be my first project car, so I know there will be a steep learning curve, especially if I go this route with all the extra fabrication that's probably going to be required. I'd just like to ask if anyone has looked into this engine as a possibility and what things should I look out for to try my best to source parts that have already been produced - as opposed to starting this journey and basically having to custom fabricate something that I haven't even thought about yet. This is just at the research and ideas phase, I have not purchased anything yet - I just want some ideas from people who have done these projects before. Thanks in advance for any insights.
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