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  1. very crystal clear for your diagram. I wish I could do the surge tank setup. But I may just leave mine as it is for now and may run the return and vent lines as you suggested. thanks
  2. Hello guys , I have an 1976 toyota corona with 4age bluetop engine. The engine has been setup from the previous owner with charcoal canister deleted. Now I can smell fume every now and then when driving the car. I think the fuel line setup currently is incorrect in terms of venting fuel vapor. But I don't wanna do a lot of modification, so I have come up with an idea with less modification, using most of the existing parts. Could you please help me verify if my idea shown in the diagram is OK to go for? Existing setup: A T-way fitting is used, in between the filler overflown line, as a return line from the engine. Inline fuel pump is used as depicted: working fine so I'll leave it as it is. The vent line just goes to a hardline routing to the rear chasis on the right side of the car. (which, I suspect, is where the fume comes from) No breather to let the air in when the tank is in vacuum state (air probably gets in from the gas cap which is not completely seal due to its age) What I would do is: Putting a check-valve on a vent line to let the ambient pressure in when tank gets vacuum Routing the vent line to the charcoal canister and set things up as the way it should be (will need new canister and run the vapor to the throttle body) or Routing the vent line to the same place where it was then connect a hose and route it underneath the car. Consideration: Emission control regulation is not an issue in where I'm from. Car is driven on weekend as hobby now a daily use. FORGIVE ME!!! for the scratchy things on the vent line (it is nothing just a line to the canister)
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