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  1. Thanks so much Banjo. Apologies for the stupid question, but I assume I'll need a voltmeter for this? What would be the best way to take off the starter from your experience? Should I tackle it from the bottom?
  2. Hi guys! Just picked up my first KE30. It's got a 4K and 5 Speed. Car was fine for the first few weeks since purchase, but recently started it and it wasn't sounding right. It was running rough. I drove it up the block and every time I shifted gears, I felt like I was grinding through gears. Quickly got it back home, and it stopped in the driveway. Haven't been able to start it since. The radio wasn't working when I first started it up, so that was probably the first sign. I changed the battery but now it's not clicking over. I suspect that it's the starter, but I don't know whether that explains why it was running rough to begin with. I've read that if the starter is engaged and stays on, the car may run rough. Could this be the issue? Previously had a KE20 and I know it's an absolute pain to change the starter. If anyone knows a good mechanic in northern suburbs Melb that can assist who's trustworthy much appreciated. Any help and knowledge is appreciated. Cheers
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