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  1. Toyota Corolla CSX Alloy Wheels (fit KE70)4 wheels1 centre cap Should come up alright with a clean $150, Hobart area
  2. Hi mate, If 50 cents is the best offer I'll take it, pickup only I just want stuff gone. Let's say best offer over $10 for the parcel shelf and over $20 for the exhaust. I've got no idea what it's worth. Cheers for the heads up ;)
  3. Hi everyone, I have a blue parcel shelf for a KE-70, speaker holes aren't cut, pretty good condition :) Also have a stock manifold and exhaust, I believe it was cut for removal so should be in two pieces. Last time I looked at it it was in good condition. Open to any offers
  4. Hey everyone, Selling the girlfriends 83 Laser, rego runs out tonight so you can get it cheap this weekend and not have to pit pass, or I'll be putting 6 months rego on it next week and raising the price. Great on fuel, feels quick and responsive to drive, 1.5 litre 4 cylinder. $700 firm this weekend with no rego, but with a sports steering wheel (I put it on there because I have trouble getting under large steering wheels.... I seem to get into cars a funny way) $900 firm next week with 6 months rego, and standard steering wheel Pics below:
  5. Parts Desired: Either standard wheel nuts (tapered?) to suit a ke70 or mag nuts that fit csx alloys. Need 16. Your Location: Hobart, Tas. May travel to pick up. Contact: PM
  6. If nobody has a better offer tonight then it's sold to doecke55. I'm losing heaps of money on this but need it gone. :)
  7. Had another look and found some writing, 32DGAV6D. One side does open before the other one, there is a linkage between them so the second one opens when the throttle is pushed past a certain point. I think that makes them more economical if not driven hard but obviously thirsty when flogging it everywhere.
  8. Thanks mate I just measured and it is actually a 32/32. I thought the second hole looked bigger but I think it just has a bigger surround, I measured it about 10 times to make sure.
  9. Parts: Weber carby suit 4k Condition: May as well be brand new Price: $535 Location: Hobart and surrounds Contact: PM Hey everyone, I bought this carby ages ago and then sold the Corolla I was going to put it in. I can't remember if it is a 28/32 or a 32/32 or something like that so if someone can tell me how to tell I'll post it up. The carby is like brand new it has been acid dipped and rebuilt with new everything by a professional carby place. Have linkages, adapter plate air filter and everything else to suit 3k/4k/5k (assuming they bolt up the same), currently jetted as a starting point for a 4k but comes with new jets of all sizes. Chasing $535. May separate linkages etc but not selling bits and pieces until the carby is gone.
  10. Hey guys, I realised the other day that the reason I can't find this part is because it doesn't exist, I have the wrong window :lol: Has anyone got a window they would be keen to swap? Mine is for the ksevs with the mirror in the corner of the window, and I need the one for ksevs with the mirror on the door. Cheers :blinks:
  11. Parts Desired: Driver's side black plastic thingy that goes between the window frame and the glass (Triangle shape) Your Location: Hobart, heading north this weekend though Contact: PM
  12. You are better off running new wires, the stock speakers are wired differently (1 wire joins them together, instead of having a positive and negative for each, not sure on what it's called). Run a yellow cable directly to your battery (rubber grommets in firewall are easy to get a wire through), run the acc wire from the back of your fusebox or dc the one from the standard deck and use that to turn it on and off. There should be something metal to earth it on, and then just run speaker wires to where you need them under carpet/behind dash etc. What brand headdeck have you got? Most are like this Yellow = battery, always connected (the headunit draws it's power through this one, should be thickish) Red = Accessory, smaller diameter wire just used to turn the thing on and off with ignition, can also wire to battery if you want and just remember to always turn the HU completely off yourself (or you'll get a flat battery) Black = Earth, should be same thickness or thicker as yellow, connects to a metal part of your car that is connected to the chassis somewhere White = front left speaker positive White with black stripe = front left speaker negative Grey = front right + Grey with black stripe = front right - Green = rear left Purple = rear right ( I may have green and purple mixed up) Blue = Power antenna or amp remote (turns amp on and off with headunit)
  13. Surface rust under fuel flap and around the boot seal where all ke70s get it. Sanding and rustproofer would fix it up easy. I've never crashed it but I guess it's possible the granny driver before me was a wannabe race car driver and attempted 'fully sic' skids. :) If you want to arrange an inspection on the weekend send me a pm
  14. You could always buy the car with the exhaust for a fair price, then sell it yourself. I'm not puling it off unless someone wants it for $300.
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