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  1. Sirolla

    Nt Rolla Club = Dead

    Needs more 4As or rolla cars on the track..Shame i didn't snap one of the ta22 or the grey AW11.
  2. Sirolla

    Nt Rolla Club = Dead

    Catch ya Sunday! Manage to get morning/arvo off to get down and check it all out. Hopefully will be some of a good turn up as Drifting is on as well, although not too sure. Cheers. Oh and don't worry about the weather JP, its pretty weird at the moment...with the rain and all.
  3. Sirolla

    Nt Rolla Club = Dead

    Turns out i'm working this weekend, so no meet up from me, really wanted to spend a day on the track. Maybe next time. :/
  4. Sirolla

    Nt Rolla Club = Dead

    Hey Stephen, My bro just bought a SX Seca with a smallport 4AGE, unless your willing to pay good money for it, don't think he'll part with it. Hey JP, As Adam (Ancullen) pointed out, there's a track day event on the 23rd (Sunday, same weekend as the extravaganza) Willing to catch up then and catch some of the local people and cars. Event: Sunday 23 May - Circuit Racing - Round Three I'll make sure i can get some time off work too, haven't had many days off and would be good to actually attend an event and see how it goes down.
  5. Sirolla

    Nt Rolla Club = Dead

    The Shannon's show is on that weekend (as mentioned in previous topic) but the FX won't be there, but Ancullen's GT-FOUR will probably, good chance to see why the car is running negative boost. Maybe a night cruise on that Sunday your up JP, its usually quiet, but don't quote me on that, i haven't been out for a cruise in awhile, i'm guessing you (Daniel) would have more of an idea from the people at boost.
  6. Sirolla

    Nt Rolla Club = Dead

    Ahh true? I work at Pizza Hut, i work when you can see my car. Andd cheers, it's always good when someone notices the beauty of the FXGT, people just look at it as just another crappy Corolla. :/
  7. Sirolla

    Nt Rolla Club = Dead

    Hi Daniel, Welcome to Darwin by the way. There isn't much activity as of late here in the NT, but all i can say is we're trying to make an effort! :/ Yeah, been following that AE95 for a while on Boost, glad someone is looking after it. Ancullen was planning a cruise last month, although i can probably say work is main killer in organising a cruise, no one has the free time anymore. But will note and give a couple people a heads-up and see what we can pull. Cheers, Daven
  8. Sirolla

    Tender: 4agze Half-cut In The Fx-gt

    Thanks Adam, your input is much appreciated. The 4AGZE with the LSD box seems pretty rare these days, might have to special order one from Japan...But i'm keeping my eyes open. Got plans to do some minor fixes (tint, door seals, new tyres) at the moment, but when the time comes, i'll be stripping the front end, re-welding a new radiator support, some UR bars, and cusco lower arm bar. So a-lot of planning is in progress, but i can't wait til it starts!
  9. Hey guys, don't know if much are still around, but thought i'll test the waters here first before going further. But sometime down the track this year, will be trying to get a hold of a 4agze half-cut for the FX-GT. Not going to mod it like crazy or converting to a 4agte, but will focus on getting the FX-GT running reliable and restored to its original self. I want to keep power steering and air conditioning, (the two faults i have now with the bluetop, :blush:) so will have to find one with both in good nick. I am also trying to prep the car for lapsprints next year, but not to the extent of installing rollcages or stripping the entire car down, it'll still be my daily. Anyways, input is always welcome and hopefully some useful comments or suggestions. Cheers, Daven
  10. Sirolla

    Nt Rolla Club = Dead

    Danno's old car? sounds like it. i stumbled across a 2dr ke55 (i think) for sale. good paint and looks to be in good nick, but you gotta drop a motor in it as it doesn't have one. around 3k, i think the sale was in SA or something, can't remember now. EDIT: Link: but can't remember if its the same one as i was thinking of. Paint it white IMO. Would look sick!
  11. Sirolla

    2010 Shannons Motoring Extravaganza

    Hey Adam, Yeah, would definitely enter the FX-GT (just to keep the 'GT' theme going a bit longer) Now i got a timeline to get things right with the FXGT, i'll be looking at getting some semi-slicks on the watanabe's for the show (and maybe used them on the track this year). [off-topic] OI Stephen, when can i pick up those cam covers man, just tell me when your home and i'll just drive pass on a delivery to pick them up. [\off-topic]
  12. Sirolla

    Nt Off-topic

    Upppdaaattte, lol, man its been so dead here... Well the FXGT is booked in at L&S for Tomorrow! Getting the bushes and sway bars installed! Finally its getting some things done. Still got the exhaust to fit, get tint and fit the head unit. possibly getting some front and rear bars too but probably won't arrive til after Christmas, so enough time to save up for that new respray. How is everyone doing?
  13. Sirolla

    Nt Off-topic

    double posting plates are back on my car now, yay!
  14. Sirolla

    Nt Off-topic

    lol, yeah just read about that tonite actually, but wasn't me, new owner of my old car still has the same plates, might go ask for them back now...
  15. Sirolla

    Nt Off-topic

    Cheers guys. Yeah, still needed them, but manage to find a set that fitted just to pass the pits. Now to just get my old plates back...