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  1. A big HI to anyone who might read this. As you may have noticed, I am no longer particularly active on RollaClub. While at this point in time I don't own a Corolla (still got the GT-Four though), I still feel the Corolla love, am still in Darwin, and am still heavily involved in the local motorsport scene, particularly motorkhanas. I'm sure from time to time I'll still check RollaClub, but am not promising anything, but if you are in Darwin, check out www.namsc.org.au and find out when our next motorkhana is, and come down and say "hi" to me. I'll usually be operating a stopwatch or driving around a course (my current weapon of choice is known as "The Silver Bullet"), and I usually run the driver's briefing. Ask someone for Adam, and they'll be able to point me out. Always happy to have a chat about Corollas/Toyotas/other BS, and I'm still in contact with the old Darwin RollaClub crew, even if pretty much everyone has strayed from Corollas now - we're all still around the place and still into cars of various types.
  2. Hi Guys, I haven't been on here in a very long while, but I'm still heavily involved in NAMSC, who run the circuit racing, lapsprint and motorkhana events at Hidden Valley. Until last year I was Race Director for the circuit meets, but have cut back to just the motorkhanas for this year. There's one on this Sunday (11 March) if you read this in time. Keep an eye on the NAMSC Facebook group for updates on events and stuff. I don't have a Corolla anymore, but enjoy keeping in touch with fellow Corolla fans, so if you want to meet up or do a cruise or something, give me a hoy via PM. Adam
  3. 4A-GZE FTW, Daven. Gotta love the sound of a supercharger whine over the top of an NA exhaust note. Late model 4A-GZE, lumpy cams, pulleys, extractors & 2.5" exhaust system. You might want to look into an E-series LSD gearbox too.
  4. Nope - Danno's car is an AE70, and is now owned by Lenny/Lenard. I was looking to buy it - was also interested in the gunmetal AW11, and half considered Shane's SW11. But it's not any of those.
  5. Looks like I'll be returning from Korea sometime around 12 March. No guarantees on that, and knowing my luck, it will probably blow out significantly. Also looking like there'll be a KE70 parked at my house not long after my return. :blinks:
  6. Awesome Daven. We're getting a pretty good list going for this event, and it's nice to see RollaClub representing. :blinks:
  7. Have you had many interested parties come forward about it? Any chance it will be sold to someone up here, or more likely to go back down South?
  8. The Shannons Motoring Extravaganza is back on again in 2010, to be held at Winnellie Showgrounds on 22 & 23 May. This is a great event, with many wonderful cars and bikes often on display. Unfortunately due to scheduling problems, an event couldn't be held in 2009, so let's try and make 2010 huge to make up for it!!!! In 2008 we of RollaClub put on a display with four cars - this year I'm suggesting a display by a broader group of cars, but I'd love to see a strong turn out of Toyota performance cars. I'll be entering the GT-Four and Tim has said he'll enter the SW20. Would any of you be willing to enter your rides? Would be great to see the ST205 & SW20 sitting there with Stephen's Levin, Daven's FX-GT, Shane's MR2's, and whatever else we can get together. Please post below if you're interested.
  9. Awesome! Somewhere a Corolla engine bay now has space for a non-K motor, which is excellent, and with the trike weighing relatively little, the K-series will provide more than decent performance. Ten thumbs up!
  10. A car that's brought in from overseas that is painted grey, which is a shade in the range between white and black. Sorry, couldn't resist. Seriously though, the 'grey' part of the title refers to the fact that the car is secondhand, so a grey imported car is one that has been bought new and used by the first owner in one country (usually Japan), then bought by a company or person that has imported it into Australia.
  11. No, it was never fitted to any Australian delivered vehicle. But what the engineer is saying is a load of crap - how else would so many other cars be engineered with this engine, let alone the 4A-GZE, VH45, or others?
  12. My uncle is getting some minor touch up work done on it, but then it will be headed to the museum for a stay until I have somewhere to store it safely up here. I'm involved in the NT Motoring Council, and we're looking to build a museum of some kind up here one day, so it will be put in there when the time comes too. My uncle has already had his 1960's Morgan 4/4 on display in there for a while too. I've visited the museum twice, and think it's great.
  13. Nice work, Philbey! Was never much into bikes until last year when I realised how much I love Triumphs (even just the standard factory stuff). Got my bike licence and bought an el-cheapo 1985 Kawasaki GPZ250 to get some practice on, which broke down after about three months and I am yet to repair. Want to get a Thruxton when finances permit. Also need to go to Tassie sometime and pick up the motorbike my grandfather rebuilt some years ago, but was too old to ride by the time he finished it - a 1924 British Excelsior powered by a 124cc Villiers engine: Sorry it's not a clearer picture of the bike - my uncle's damn BSA's are in the way. LOL. Love Deux Ex Machina's work and your bobber is looking sweet so far! Keep up the good work!
  14. I can't find them when I Googled them - I'm crying foul!
  15. [email protected]$k whitewalls. There is only one tyre worth having on any car: Bridgestone Eager. Pity they don't make them any more. ;) Something about chunky 50 or 60 profile tyres with raised white lettering definitely does it for me. Sure they were useless at providing good grip, but damn they smoke up well. :)
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