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  1. Vehicle information: 1968 KE15 SL Condition: Pretty good. Has no real rust to speak of, minor surface rust in spare wheel well. Front passenger side 1/4 has been changed (as seen in pics), but original 1/4 with minor damage also included. Has had an average respray at some stage, but i can't find any faults in the body ("bullnose" of bonnet is a bit rusty actually). Has most badges. Front seats are in very good condition, rear is worn and needs replacing. 2 of the tyres its on are screwed....one is drivable but not legal, and its on mazda 13's. Heater core needs repair, I have just bypassed it. Radiator needs replacing. I put a new water pump in and the radiator went a few days later. Its running a 4K and matching box, but has the original twin carbs. Will drive fine for loading onto a truck for transport, but not a drive away job for pick-up. Should be able to get my spare wheel back off a mate soon, which will make it drivable for a short distance. Has retractable seatbelts, but missing bolts to mount (might be able to get them, but no promises) Boot seal is cactus, but I will include a set of seals for the car (windscreens, Doors(already fitted), boot). Feel free to ask any questions. Inspections welcomed, but please no time wasters. Price: Best Offer over 4k Location: Adelaide, will ship (www.movingcars.com.au door to door/depot only. My post code is 5045) Contact: [email protected]
  2. Here's the pics i promised...finally. Going to list the ke15 (red) for sale on here too.
  3. Just posting to see if anybody has the figures for the production of KE15 and Ke17 sprinters? Also if anybody knows how many were sold into the Australian market? I have both a KE17 SL and a KE15 SL, and I am trying to work out just how rare they are these days. Would idealy like the 'SL' sales figures, but would be stoked if anyone can help with total model sales. Thanks in advance.
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