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  1. no worries, I'll just have to make it work. can't think of any alternative unless I get one made
  2. Can anyone tell me if a ke30 accelerator cable will connect to the pedal end of a ke25? Just installed a weber and need a cable with the ke30 type end on it. Cheers Abbott
  3. hey guys, sorry to bring something so non toyota related to the forum but know there is a lot of knowledgable blokes on here basically I'm looking for an AWD wagon that has some balls. my main two contenders at this stage are late 90s and early 2000s wrx wagons and also the vr4 legnum. this is just due to my budget and being able to get a fairly low km car for that price. just want to know from people's experience are legnums reliable and are they a good car to own? wrxs I have driven a couple and know the common problems. also if anyone has any other ideas feel free to throw them out there! cheers!
  4. well i put a new thermostat in, used the water pump from my 3k (which had no issues), radiator already being used, and the 3k fan I'm pretty sure I bought the motor second hand, runs beautifully but gets hot pretty quick. wondering also maybe a headgasket
  5. hey guys got my 5k running in the ke25 has anyone else had overheating issues after fitting a 5k? was thinking maybe a thermo fan might do the job?
  6. nah battery has 12v and tried a hilux battery too, probably need to check it's got 12v at the starter motor too
  7. cool! maybe just cause it's 42 years old haha
  8. hey guys just finished putting the 5k in my ke25, went to start it and it turns over sooo slowly and won't start. do I need a high torque starter motor or just a newer standard starter.
  9. sounds like a retarded question but my mum called me the other day asking if I could explain this strange stuff coming out of her exhaust, I put it off until today so i could have a look and i have no idea. she said she pulled out about 10m of it and apparently my old man pulled out a bunch too! photos below!
  10. thanks guys, I'll just run the flywheel off my 3k and get a new clutch anyways! cheers!
  11. hello everyone, I am in the process of purchasing 5k for my ke25 and i have an issue that the engine doesn't come with a flywheel. The question is will the flywheel from my 3k bolt up and just run a 3k clutch or do i need the bigger 5k flywheel? are the bolt patterns the same? I know i could pull it apart and check myself but I want to get a clutch and all that before i pull my car apart because it gets me to work. Cheers Tom
  12. thanks heaps for the replies guys, really have to sit down and think if I stick with selling or starting spending money on her!
  13. hey all, havent posted in a while but got a question! i have a ke25 that appears to not be selling or barely have any interest! now I'm thinking of getting a couple of panels resprayed if i keep it so also thinking maybe its time to get some te27 about it! my issue is that i want to put on te27 flares BUT i don't want to damage the standard guards in case i get defected and seeing as I'm not going to run it super low i don't see this being an issue clearance wise! now having never had flares to look at in real life does anyone thing there would be a way to mount the without bolts, maybe an adhesive? may seem like a dumb question but thought id ask
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