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  1. Chrysler cl ute 76 $4500 265 hemi cloumn auto 14x8 with tread minimal rust. rego 2x lc chrysler lancer one is running other will need a new motor 2.6 out of a sigma will drop sraight in one has fresh tread walk in rego on both $1500 Email me on [email protected] for pictures or call me on 0429599369 but call after 5 30
  2. photo's about to be posted on my thread. :D
  3. Ok i will be a bit late as i also am taking photos at all chrysler day the same day -.- but i will make sure i get plently of photos while I'm down :D will come around 1130 to 12 :D
  4. how wide can he do them? i want to get some done on my girlfriends ap5.
  5. yeah i will be more than happy to, as long as it's not a saturday. due to work in the morning.
  6. Hey i have 2 lc chrysler lancers, one is a runner the second is a parts car or resto. first car -astron 80 2l -bathurst globes with caps -reasonable interior -one large bit of rust -walk in sa rego electric fuel pump fresh tread parts car -minimal rust -full set of stockies 1600 motor suit rebuild spares 13x7 spitfires full set of 13x6 magnums price 2000 also will swap for valiant. or dodge pick up contact [email protected] or 0429599369 pics spitfires runner
  7. rare as wheels gives your car cool points (which gets the ladies) tread for skids (which makes it easier to get girls also) need a polish 4x114.3 pair. there is nothing like oldschool rims! price: $350 contact, [email protected] 0429599369 pics:
  8. can i see pics of you wagon.
  9. better because its not a pack of cigarettes with wheels! nah man i'm looking for older cars. prefer chrysler or early model cars.
  10. what have you got. if it's another r31 skyline i will say no! unless its super special. :dance:
  11. rego till late feb, i will take more pictures. rust boot/bonnet and some on left front fender. also has a mp3 cd player (for all your sick tunes) in the glovebox wired in. but will not be sold with the realistic speakers as they have been in my family since the 80's.
  12. My ke20 is up for sale -toyoglide auto (super awesome for daily use) -Lowered 1.5inches -good tread -new venetian -fresh rego -clean engine bay -okish interior -cheap as chips to run (3k power) -BITCHIN' RACING STRIPES WHICH ADDS 50HP!!!! price $1500 pics call me on 0429599369 or email me [email protected]
  13. its a toyoglide. i have to find a drive shaft aswell.
  14. thats what i was thinking Andy. can anyone confirm this.
  15. hey guys i have a auto ke20 and i want to change it to manual will a 4k box mount straight up and in like a 3k box would?
  16. I'll take: KE20 1.5-inch lowering block kit. chrome KE20 sunvisor. excellent. And also 1x KE20 hubcap. good cond, needs a polish does it have the surround with it?
  17. 1x Random 13" 4x114.3 Jellybean mag, has an old 185/70/13 tyre on it Good condition, fairly polished with a nice curved dish. $30. Posted Image
  18. hey mate what is your phone number would like to give you a call? also why do you need to change the gearbox? did it come stock auto or man?
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