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  1. Oh wow, my old toy. Wish I had seen it Mark, decided to hunt it down today to see if I could find it to buy it back. 1 month too slow it would seem.
  2. Nice to see the old girl back on the road :rolls: Sent a reply regarding the hubs via e-mail to you also - yes, upgraded to KE30 hubs for more common stud pattern all those years ago (trying to recall, I think it was in 1991 or 1992) That would mean it was more than 15 years ago :P eek! /edit: Oh, also noted you had no center caps on the wheels - I found Mitsubishi Colt caps from that time worked well when siliconed on - they are a chrome with black ring, very flat and simple which just finished it off nicely when I had it. Cost bugger all from Mitsubishi also. One of these
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