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  1. Hi, My name is Josh or Funwithsmexy as i go by on my gaming youtube channel. And this is my ke70 project I did have another project thread but i thought I'd remake it as this is a different car :D If you live in Perth and you go on car cruises i would say you have seen this car as I got to neally all of them every week :D (love the attention ke70's get.) So lets start off by when my other corrolla got yellowed I decided i would buy another if I had the chance. And guess what i found on gumtree :D No back window roof lining ʞ©$ɟed Rust in rear wheel wells ofc :*( rust in boot :*( but wait its a XX model Rev Guage :D Picked the little beast up for 400 bucks drove it into the road then put the rear window :D Straight away decided to chuck my other rims on it. Had to paint them first though :D Then painted the fenders different colour blue though but gonna do the whole car that colour as its nice. mucking around with the paint on the cream car to see what the rocker cover would look like in same blue Anyone painted their pulleys before i think it would look great i might try :D Helped my brother do a flat front conversion on his car This a video before the conversion that I did on my other channel Subscribe if you like ill upload more ke70 stuff :D https://youtu.be/j_1Ers4TAq4 Painted my new blinds white and installed them they will peel from the sun i can see it. went on a car cruise :D Painted my bonnet front rad bit and beaver panel same colour Seeing what this little baby can do its the stock 4k-c (got 170km on friends farm road :D) she loves the mud/dirt Brother swaped his ke70 for r31 rego so gave it a last goodbye on a private road https://youtu.be/UgQaenHzFuM I will hopefully take the seats and diff out of r31 for my ke70 started to fix the dents in the car previous owner said a tree landed on it. Painted the boot and got my new plates :D next to my 260z More sanding the bog (at night on street lol Some new train horns :D Scares the gf a lot aha Roof racks yay Painting before a cruise RUST!!! Black bumper now :D Bucket seats from R31 :D soon the diff too
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