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  1. New Tail lights :D Ebay spec Repco only had left ones and said would take 3 months to get a right one... Decided i would wire tuck the front end a move the horns. Moving the wires under the rad support Yes that is a rust hole that i have repair leave me alone ahah. will fix it later when i buy a welder. Installed my JDM mirrors aha. I can see so much road with the and so many looks from people. Also moved my numberplate Need to lower.. :*( Bought this r31 skyline wagon has sedan diff with mini-spool (disc brakes gonna use vn brakes for it) and rb30 engine (for my 260z) Diff is for my ke and maybe lca for my ke too also the sway bar.
  2. Decided it was time to do a oil change as I daily this car. had some trouble with oil filter :*( Put a screw driver through it to turn it what a mess Put some 6x9 on the parcel shelf for some tunes aha not exactly legal but can't see them with the blinds. DVD headunit to go with it I have decided I'm going to do a wire tuck/tidy engine bay. I removed all the vac lines and blocked them for now. Looks a tad neater Picked up some new rims minilite unsure specs i know they are 13" 2 have 65/13R and other 2 have 70/13R so ill prob put the bigger ones on the back. Also bought some fender mirrors I've removed the aircon and aircon lines bracket everything. planning on moving the coil to back of firewall or in fender unsure at this stage and blocking of the heater lines and maybe brake booster. Anyone know what size carby hat and filter will fit stock ke70 carby (a nice chrome one would be nice.)
  3. I know you :D aha Doesn't your mate have the sr20 ke70 is that what your going to do I got a photo of both your cars together somewhere.
  4. Yeh I did but they still have some overspray and bog on them but the whole shell is coming off them going to buy a new set and no their 13x6.5 rims so won't fit u can shorten diff but don't have to but it's got a minispool in it :( only problem is I daily this car atm so would need another ke70 diff so I can still use mine for time being
  5. Hi, My name is Josh or Funwithsmexy as i go by on my gaming youtube channel. And this is my ke70 project I did have another project thread but i thought I'd remake it as this is a different car :D If you live in Perth and you go on car cruises i would say you have seen this car as I got to neally all of them every week :D (love the attention ke70's get.) So lets start off by when my other corrolla got yellowed I decided i would buy another if I had the chance. And guess what i found on gumtree :D No back window roof lining ʞ©$ɟed Rust in rear wheel wells ofc :*( rust in boot :*( but wait its a XX model Rev Guage :D Picked the little beast up for 400 bucks drove it into the road then put the rear window :D Straight away decided to chuck my other rims on it. Had to paint them first though :D Then painted the fenders different colour blue though but gonna do the whole car that colour as its nice. mucking around with the paint on the cream car to see what the rocker cover would look like in same blue Anyone painted their pulleys before i think it would look great i might try :D Helped my brother do a flat front conversion on his car This a video before the conversion that I did on my other channel Subscribe if you like ill upload more ke70 stuff :D https://youtu.be/j_1Ers4TAq4 Painted my new blinds white and installed them they will peel from the sun i can see it. went on a car cruise :D Painted my bonnet front rad bit and beaver panel same colour Seeing what this little baby can do its the stock 4k-c (got 170km on friends farm road :D) she loves the mud/dirt Brother swaped his ke70 for r31 rego so gave it a last goodbye on a private road https://youtu.be/UgQaenHzFuM I will hopefully take the seats and diff out of r31 for my ke70 started to fix the dents in the car previous owner said a tree landed on it. Painted the boot and got my new plates :D next to my 260z More sanding the bog (at night on street lol Some new train horns :D Scares the gf a lot aha Roof racks yay Painting before a cruise RUST!!! Black bumper now :D Bucket seats from R31 :D soon the diff too
  6. Decided I would do some work on my rims as they looked crap from previous owner spray painting them with rattle cans. Btw they are 13" enekei competition limited edition rims. Pics with rims Its been raining alot here so not much progress i did change diff oil yesterday and next is gearbox oil hopefully stops the loud grinding noises aha.
  7. So I started on rust repair. before: After: Another layer repaired LF indicator as wire got pulled out of wire crimp. So i wraped it around it and bent it over and soldered and taped it. Another rust hole fix. Note I did clean it up before bogging. after: Stero hooked up. Matches colours of dash and other stuff. c:
  8. decicded to do a oil flush and and change and oil filter change. Oil filter oil felt like mud yuck Next was to remove the fan shroud as needed to be repaired as didn't mount properly Needed to fix battery terminal as broke and as shops were closed I went to my datsun 260z project and took the worn down terminal off that. Just changing terminal fixed alot of issues like indicators not working. The oil and filter changed made the car come back to life runs so much better and gain bit of performance. Previous owner hadn't changed it in ages I'm guessing. Anyone had any expirence with seafoam a 4k-c engine?
  9. Thats just the stuff you can buy a supercheap right? and why fiberglass filler over normal bog?
  10. ah thanks mate. Yeh was planning to either bog for tempoary fix as bog just cracks later on and go over pits then weld. Want to get some quad lights and chrome bumpers and cxxx grill but no clue where to get from.
  11. Said good bye to this little beast for 400 dollars in my pocket was fun to drive. At least i keept the rims and mirrors Just some pictures of the inside of new one flat front c: 180km hmmm can't be legit can it? Started on some of the rust work Cut out and sanded back fuel filler rust now the boot. gonna be bitch to fix holes rear wheel wells and spare wheel area next. Started on stero as had cables but no stero so jdm soldered new harness and stero in more pics soon.
  12. Hey there, on 1/05/2015 I bought my first ke70 for 1k Came with rb20det aswell which i sold for 450 regoed :D This car had a fair bit of issues. Epic JDM slammed stance look that everybody loves c: well aleast people did on car curises did. Nice rims worth more than the whole car tbh Battery in boot diy job So cops didn't like my slanced and rotary sounding car much. Gave me this golden ticket. :***( for too low too low no tead lol c: Took to pits to see if i could get an extension denied :*( but now i know whats i need done. Long list c: guess the car wasn't too low ? lol Also tint to dark my ass lol Saw this bad boy Flat front for sale on the gumtrees so picked her up for 300 bucks OMG excellent condition apart from rust c: fyi its not registered aha Perfect leather inside perfect engine is great exhaust is great just the rust in boot and rear guards i need to fix also 1 mirror? I swaped my rims and mirrors to this beast for now. I took it offroading aswell on a permit 4x4 so much fun ahaha. I'll update with more pics
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