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  1. havent updated in a while but a heap has happend in the last few months, me and my old man moved in to our workshop so we now have a dedicated place to work on our cars and chill out. hoist, compressor, tools and cabinets have been added so far. bar theartre room kitchen to come. i got straight to work and started by removing the old 4k and tore my front end down and powdercoated everything black. lots of parts have arrived including hubs, xt130 arms, lock spacer, bushings, coilovers and more, most of my front end is together all freshly powdercoated. i want everything fitting up before i decide to paint anything else. boxed up my xt130 arms, unsure if i should remove the steering stops (engineering and rego) but i would like to find out before i powdercoat them. my ke conversions engine mounts and pedal box arrive and i dropped my motor in for a test fit, looks good although it hits my greedy copy plenum on the brake booster, so am curious to see if anyone else has had that problem and how they got around it? everything is going smooth so far but i feel i might run in to problems with clearance for my rb25 box. restoring my brake calipers in the coming weeks and hopefully some changes to the engine bay for clearances. heres some pictures so far. update again soon cheers .
  2. Bump, also chasing - ae86 front caliper mounts (t3, ajps ect) - boss kit for steering wheel
  3. i got you on facebook man and yes got a mate with his in impound at the moment.
  4. Hey mate a friend has one in Perth not sure how much he wants and how much it would be posted
  5. Might know where some chrome roof channel trim is? Not sure how much postage would be from Perth
  6. Nice build man, that ass down first pic is definately where it should sit. Front end gave me an idea of how I'm gonna do mine now. Coming along nicely indeed
  7. I've looked in to hoppers stoppers and gave them a call sometime last week, will call again and get a idea of what's included. It will work out around $1200 to go with the t3 hubs, dba rotors and pads, ae86 calipers but if hoppers stoppers are around the same money come with the everything I need brand new I will be leaning towards them, confirming brakes tommorow.
  8. Cheers for the info man, looks like I'll go with the ones you linked me too as the others don't come with rotors now. Will these hubs come with everything I need? Do I need to buy anything else for them? Now that I think about it I should definately go larger brakes I'll do some research on the dba ones cheers.
  9. What are you trying to say little red? And checked on the t3 site, they all say that they don't come with bearings? And as for the rcas he is obviously asking way too much then. So $650 for complete hubs and rotors stock brand new isn't reasonable?
  10. think the r31 diff already has an lsd? Still unsure if I will put a mini spool in, found some complete front hubs brand new for $650? And t3 rcas for $190? Still am yet to find some stub axles which is a problem
  11. Is it used? There $75 new on eBay man
  12. Hey guys chasing some parts for my ke70 build, I'm in Perth but can pay postage - chrome bumpers front and rear - xxx badge - ae86 complete hubs - ae86 stub axles - ae86 front calipers - chrome number plate light - chrome fender mirrors - r31 mini spool - surge tank Trying to save abit of money as I'm still a apprentice
  13. Have spoken to him on Facebook, gonna buy them when I save a bit more money and start pulling it down to pieces as it's still my daily atm
  14. So I've got some more parts and some more on there way -r31 diff -xt130 lca -ae86 shortened ps arms -lock spacer -front lip Brand new set of shockworks on there way. Parts I now am chasing -chrome bumpers front and rear -chrome numberplate light -engine mounts and pedal box -surge tank -fuel cell -ae86 hubs -ae86 stub axles -ae86 front calipers -mini spool -intercooler -radiator Any help finding these parts will be appreciated, just ordered a new hoist too
  15. Hey guys new to the forum, bought myself a 82 ke70 that had been converted to manual and had a bride drivers seat on a set of steelies, still in the process of gathering parts, bought a built fully forged sr20 that made 507hp on av fuel. My plan is for the car to be a registered street drifter that I can do track days in but drive on the road Me and my dad will be building it, he builds hotrods in his spare time so he will be a massive help.
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