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Foglights On 2002 Corolla Ascent

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Hi everybody,


I have just fitted new foglights to the front of my 2002 Ascent Seca.


You can do it quite cheaply with a $119 pair off Ebay, compared with ludicrous priced genuine articles.(you would struggle to notice the difference in look!)


But I discovered that all wiring was in the car already, so you plug in the lights at the existing harness taped up behind bumper and fit lights.


Head to a Toyota dealer and buy the Levin/Sportivo indicator/light switch with the additional foglight switch built in(around $60) and foglight relay(around $20) and then remove shroud around steering column(3 screws)


Unplug indicator/light wiring beneath the stalk by pushing in white tab on the connector and pull down.


Push in black tab on front of indicator/light stalk switch(column end) and slide out to the right.


Installing new one is reverse of removal.


Open up coin tray on right hand side of dash and pull up until the hinge end comes unclipped and take tray out.


Behind that you will see a row of vertical white plugs with no relays in them, so look for the one that actually has connectors fitted (silver in colour) and the relay should fit here.


Installing coin tray reverse of removal.


Turn on parkers or headlights and turn on foglight switch and relay should click and your foglights should be on! :)


Any queries P.M. me!!


Cheers, Mat

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