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Rules For General Mechanical


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Please understand these important rules before posting in the General Mechanical section.


  • If you are a newbie, INTRODUCE YOURSELF FIRST. This will make a BIG difference to the quality of responses you will get.
  • Tell us what kind of car you have and what modifications you have made so far.
  • Check the FAQ/Knowledge Base for an answer to your question first.
  • Google/Search forums first.


Please also remember : Spelling and Etiquette


Illegible posts usually result in no or poor quality answers. Please take the time to type a QUALITY post if you expect QUALITY answers! You will also likely bring the wrath of moderators if your posts are frequently illegible.



* Specific means the *opposite* of "how do i fit a twincam engine in my car please tell me everything I need to do because I am too lazy to work it out for myself"

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