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Welcome To Ke70.Com Mk2


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What is this?

The old KE70.com forum had become rundown and neglected. The software was old, barely functional anymore and infested with spammers. Neither Teddy or myself had the time needed to devote to reviving and rebuilding the old forums. The idea of merging the forum with Rollaclub is not a new one, however the decision to do so only came about recently. While we would have liked to migrate all of the posts and members (who aren't already members here), this currently is not realistic. We have retained the database and may look to do this sometime in the future.



So for now everything on the old forums is gone?

Not at all. Much of the old site is accessible via the (very awesome) wayback machine: http://wayback.archive.org/web/*/http://ke70.com


If there's something that the wayback machine doesn't have you can ask myself to try and retrieve it for you. I've tried to copy over some of the technical articles which didn't have broken images etc.


So how will this work?

Essentially it's just KE70.com utilising the resources of Rollaclub. This means that when I do maintenance on Rollaclub, the maintenance also happens on KE70.com. While I wasn't maintaining KE70.com before due to time constraints, now it simply inherits the updates Rollaclub gets with very little extra work.


If you're a member on Rollaclub, then you're a member on KE70.com too. Whether you choose to use that is up to you.


Rollaclub moderators will continue to moderate Rollaclub and KE70.com will have its own team of moderators (TBA). Cross forum issues will be handled by Teddy and myself along with the global moderators where appropriate.



Do I have to post KE70 related stuff here or can I still use Rollaclub

Its completely up to you. I'd encourage you to help build a community of KE70 enthusiasts but I'm not looking to change the way Rollaclub operates. If its non-KE70 related then keep it on Rollaclub of course.



Will there be more sub-sites like this?

Eventually I would like to see some more setup. If you're interested in helping to build one of these communities, send me a PM or email.

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