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Mitch's Vs Project


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Hey guys, Sorry I could not keep the Posts going for my AE92, Shes now a write-off..

So anyway the last few months i've been putting some money a side for a new project, I invested in a VR Commodore Wagon.

Cost $400 as is condition, I ended up stripping the Interior, Had to replace the wiring job with a new wiring loom and replaced the cluster with 1 from the wreckers along with the Slevee, Swapped my sound system over from the nova and got it all wired in now, replaced the 4 tyres with ones that had legal thread lol.


Also Rebuilt the Engine after a nice reco. All new leads and hoses to go with it. Also got around to fixxing all the leaks

Ended up replacing the DFI manifold the other day, Fixxed the Miss I had.

Also got some after market head lights from a friend.


Anyway guys keep Posted... Manual Conversation is 110% next on my list


Hope you guys enjoy so far, I know its no where near completed













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Just Found myself a Manual Converstion, Picking it up on monday will prob be installing it next weekend..

Once she's converted I'll post some more Pics...


Converting her to a 32/36 Weber once the manual is in.. Alrdy have the Weber sitting out back just need some spare time now..

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don't touch the injection, you're asking for trouble if you do.


Buy a set of high ratio yella terra rockers ($700) and a plenum spacer and you'll be laughing (and wont need to be tuned)


with the 5 speed behind it, the rockers essentially acting like a cam with more lift and a decent set of pipes+cats, you'll be suprised how well it will go.

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Thxs for the Info bro, However one of my good mates has a TIG, so was planing on just building a new carby intake maniflod to help boost the power by an decent amount.. Untill then just thinking of running the weber striaght off the stock intake manifold, I've seen it work on youtube so I know it can be done..

+ The idea is having something different.... And to be honest I hate Injection all together

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You're going backwards to be honest.


It wont make any more power, infact, I'd wager on it making less, you're essentially taking a system capable of much greater flow and control (the factory EFI maps have thousands of reference points) and replacing it with a carby that is considered an upgrade for 4 cylinders and smaller capacity 6 cylinders and then attempting to tune it. If you want to dick about, but a "performance chip" from ebay and have a play (or visit delcohacking forums and do it yourself) much more to be gained from that than carby (and I'm a carby guy!)


To adapt the current manifold to fit the weber would give you shitty distribution (you'd have all sorts of issues with atomised fuel forming droplets in the plenum and runners, not to mention the host of other problems)


Sure it'll be different, but it will be terribly crap.

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