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2013 Corolla Side Mirror Lens Fix

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G'day guys,


I have a 2013 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Hatch (ZRE182R).


Yesterday I just clipped the left hand mirror on the garage bricks as I was reversing out.


There does not appear to be any damage to the actual mirror housing and looks like its just clipped the indicator lens and torn that off and shattered it to pieces.


I cannot tell if any if the tabs on the actual mirror that hold the lens in are broken.


I rang Toyota and they quoted me $132 supplied and fitted for the lens ($75 supplied)


If it is the whole mirror assembly they quoted $777 supplied and fitted. I'm horrified! I may as well own a Mercedes.


My question is, can anyone guide me on how to remove the mirror indicator lens so I can take the right hand side one off to check and compare with the left one to see if it is just the lens.


Are there any cheaper aftermarket alternatives?


Has anyone gone through this experience...any advice is much appreciated.

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Hi Joey ,

The indicator comes as a lens and base assembly from toyota . I just bought one for $52.36 AUD ( TRADE ) The part number is 8174052050 ( LH ) .To fit it you unclip the coloured back housing of the mirror , ( I used a plastic trim remover tool which is just a flat piece of Nylon plastic with flat ends ) I inserted it between the indicator and the cover to start the removal and it popped off fairly easily . The lamp assembly is held in by two clips which are visible if you turn the mirror glass as far in towards the vehicle as you can . I then inserted a small screwdriver between the lamp body and mirror housing and , using a torch and screwdriver , pried the clips and the lamp popped off . This procedure only took several minutes . When replacing the back housing , make sure the top edge fits under the mirror body first.

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