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Help For Beginners Ae95R


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I am new and have recently(3 months) bought a '89 AE95r wagon,

I though it would be a great idea to start up a thread for people that don't know heaps about cars(like me) but are very keen to learn,

especially for the 4wd wagons,


i would like to use my car for a general drive plus a bit of dirt road fun on the weekends but have not got the slightest idea where to start,


I find it tedious to sift through countless different topics describing words and stuff i don't know about and thought it would be good if people could go to a topic to learn the basics and then maybe work on their own cars,


So yes that is why I created this topic

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Basically in the future i would like to do an engine conversion to either the 4a-ge or 4agze which ever is better for off roading, i'm not interested in sleeper cars or beating people in the local blocky route(launceston) i just want a solid rolla awd wagon that i can take to the dirt roads and have a bunch of fun,


the dream would be to enter some rally events:P (we all dream don't we)


would love some info on where to start from friendly helpful people

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