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Non Toyota, Ignition Troubleshooting

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I have a question for those with points type ignitions.

My GFs dads car is playing up a bit when cold. IIts a suzuki Multicab wiht a 3 clinder 12 valve engine. Has a nasty missfire.

It had this missfire a couple of days ago and i fixed it by hammering the spark gaps back down to recommended spec (0.8mm) from about 1.2mm.

This fixed it and everyone was happy.

Now its started again jsut now as he drove off to the shops.. I'm certain its spark related. Not sure if it has points, but am willing to look.


My question is, has anyone had an issue where at startup and fairly cold, the points have caused an issue which slowly goes away once hot?

Perhaps this carby has a cold or hot idle compensator to add more fuel when cold (or more air when hot) to keep it running, and this rich mixture doesn't like to be burnt with the shitty ignition being supplied from the worn points? but when its hot enough, it goes back to normal mixture and is fine maybe???


If it doesnt have points, i guess the only possible cause would be a faulty coil.


How do i know its spark related, because i adjusted the spark gaps the other day and that fixed the issue, up until now.

I don't think he plugs positive electrodes would have worn down in the small amount of driving he has done since i did that. So i can rule out worn plugs.

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