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So update on this KE15. It was not possible to import the car into California so it has changed hands. It's now back on the road and being well looked after by Matt Jordan who is part of the TECCWA club. 



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On 9/14/2017 at 6:58 PM, Chobis said:

Anyway..... I don't know what my point was and I've gone on a bit of a brain dump for which I apologise....... but I agree with what others have said. Owning a rare Japanese car is itself the reward. You have it because you're an enthusiast, but in the current climate it's not going to make you money unless it's one of the hero Datsuns or an original rotor Mazda.

I admire you sweave65 for restoring cars even knowing you will not make money out of them. It keeps more of them circulating which is good for everyone. It's not easy these days to find people that take pride in their work. I wish you were local to me. I'd probably get you to work on my cars and do my re-tiling for me.

Chobis...thank you much for the encouragement........ I keep plugging along, in no rush to get the projects done.  I drive  my 2 cars which are legal and love every minute of it......I get a few waves and smiles but not as much as I would like.  I come down the street in a 74 SR5 te27 and I want a parade....has not happened yet, but I keep looking.  I think the market is in a lull for J tin.  I saw a Mechum or Barret recently and saw a 1969 datsun on the block....do not remember what happened but it was there.  that is what is needed to increase the desire for our cars.....Jay Leno buys a 1974 corolla......watch what happens after that.

anyway, no time for panic.....just keep doing what we are doing and as they say...For the Love of the game.

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