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mikeys toy

Too many projects

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Got out of corollas a while back, my fleet currently consists of;

Krusty, the 61 Komet


The Heep; 82 jeep


Casper; 1961 Dodge D300


The Brick; 1985 vulva 245 with 72 164 front clip


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I still have Whitey; my 81 ford courier 


Still have both the 71 Plymouth Crickets (hillman avengers)F76EDCB2-7B1B-4594-B8C4-948664FE97D6.thumb.jpeg.eff8427d3f026034864ab75729938609.jpeg


still have my 58 DeSoto911D9ECA-9677-4797-9A59-6F231B33790D.thumb.jpeg.7cd2c782b73de4f82bd272b417361815.jpeg 

Krispy got a 70 bug!16B8F5D7-5ED7-4C05-A16C-774C4CE0A39B.thumb.jpeg.929f2c9a5c129ff7304525fcac0dbad3.jpeg

Thank God for acreage!!

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